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Wuxi Youlo Intelligent Flow Meter Co., Ltd. began manufacturing products in 2000, producing easy-to-install LDB series electromagnetic flowmeters, LMZ ultrasonic open channel flowmeters, LUGB series steam flowmeters, LPK balanced orifice flowmeters, ZD series turbidity meters, Oil flow meter, flow quantitative controller, remote automatic meter reading system, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge and automatic control equipment. The company’s products are sold globally. The company has a standard flow standard room station with a calibration capacity of 5000 cubic meters per hour.

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The company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, sales, and service of flow meters and level meters. Continuously absorb advanced technology, accumulate rich experience in the production process, strive to innovate and continuously improve, and achieve a higher manufacturing level. Products are widely used in chemical, metallurgy, electric power, sewage treatment, water supply, and drainage fields.

The company pays attention to technical personnel with practical experience in product assembly and debugging. During the production process, it prefers to select imported components such as Texas Instruments, Motorola, Philips, etc., strictly implement the aging procedures of components, and bring products with excellent performance to users. Realize the high-quality meter that is easy to install without debugging.

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Guided by the development idea of “excellent meter, excellent external and internal”, the company will continue to provide users with high-quality products.