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Precession Vortex Flowmeter

LUXB series precession vortex flowmeter adopts the latest micro-processing technology. It has the advantages of strong function, wide flow range, simple operation and maintenance, and convenient installation and use. The main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. It integrates pressure and temperature detection and compensation calculations. It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, wide flow range, no moving parts, good anti-vibration and anti-pulsation flow performance, small size, light weight, and convenient use. The precessing vortex flowmeter is an ideal instrument for gas measurement in industries such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and urban gas pipeline networks.

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Product features of precession vortex flowmeter:

1. There are no mechanical moving parts, it is not easy to corrode, is stable and reliable, has a long life, and requires no special maintenance for long-term operation.
2. The shell is available in stainless steel and aluminum alloy (aluminum alloy is selected for non-corrosive gas working pressure below 1.6MPa). To
3. Built-in pressure, temperature, and flow sensors, high safety performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance; can directly measure fluid pressure, temperature, and flow, and automatically track compensation and compression factor correction in real-time.
4. The accuracy level is 1.0%, 1.5%
5. The large-screen LCD display is adopted, which can directly display the volume flow rate in the working state, the volume flow rate in the standard state, the total amount, and parameters such as fluid pressure and temperature.
6. The use of micro-power design, internal and external power supply, to meet the use of different occasions. To
7. The use of a new signal processing amplifier and unique filtering technology effectively eliminates interference signals generated by pressure fluctuations and pipeline vibrations, greatly improving the anti-interference ability, and making small flows have excellent stability. To
8. Adopting advanced data storage technology, it can store historical data for one year, and the data will not be lost after power failure. To
9. It can output frequency pulse, 4-20mA analog signal, and RS485 interface. It can be directly connected to the computer and the transmission distance can reach 1.2Km. To
10. The power consumption of the whole machine is extremely low, and it can run for a long time with the internal battery, which is an ideal display instrument without an external power supply.
11. The flowmeter is an explosion-proof type, and its explosion-proof marks are Exd IIBT4 and Exd IICT4 ~ T6 (excluding acetylene).

1. Flowmeter specifications, basic parameters and performance indicators

Standard state conditions: P=101.325KPa, T=293.15K

Indicators DN(mm) Flow range

(m3/ h)

Working pressure   (MPa) Accuracy grade Repeatability
15 0.6-6 1.6










Less than 1/3 of the absolute value of the basic error limit
20 1.5~15
25 3.0~30
32 6.0~60
40 7.0~70
50 10~130
65 20-200
80 30~400
100 70~800
125 90-1000
150 190~1900
200 240~3600

2. Conditions of use:

Ambient temperature -30℃~+65℃ Relative humidity 5%~95%
Medium temperature -20℃~+80℃ Atmospheric pressure 86KPa~106KPa

3. Electrical performance indicators

Power supply A. External power supply: +24VDC±15%
B. Internal power supply: 3.6V lithium battery
Whole machine power consumption A. External power supply: <2W
B. Internal power supply: The average power consumption is 1mW, which can be used continuously for more than two years.
Output mode pulse output/RS-485 communication/4-20mA standard current signal

Application range of precession vortex flowmeter:

The precession vortex flowmeter is suitable for the measurement of various mediums with low flow rate, high viscosity and low density, such as pipeline gas, petroleum liquefied gas, natural gas, hydrogen and various low-flow liquids. It is suitable for occasions where there is no mains electricity and frequent power outages and remote monitoring systems.


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