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Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter

There are many varieties of ultrasonic open channel flowmeters, and two common types are weir open channel flowmeters and trough open channel flowmeters. It can be used as a flow meter for measuring free surface natural flow in non-full tubular open channels. The water path that is not full of pipes is called an open channel, and the one that measures the flow of water in the open channel is called an open channel flowmeter. In addition to circular, ultrasonic open channel flow meters also have various shapes such as V-shaped, trapezoidal, and rectangular.
The main component of the ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is the Parshall groove (also known as the Babbler groove), which is an auxiliary device for open channel flow measurement. When the instrument is working, the sensor is not in contact with the measured fluid, which avoids contamination and corrosion of sewage in the channel. Used to measure the amount of sewage, it can be more reliable than other forms of meters. The optional RS485 serial port of this instrument can be connected to a computer or other data collectors, and can also be connected to a wireless communication module to realize wired or wireless remote communication.

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Product Features:

● Measurable channel (circular channel, rectangular channel, or other special-shaped channels) flow
● It can measure the flow of sewage discharge channel or pipeline (sewer)
● Provide instantaneous flow value and accumulated flow value
● Optional GPRS wireless module to realize remote telemetry
● The sensor housing is made of plastic, protection grade IP68
● Built-in automatic temperature compensation

Technical parameters of ultrasonic open channel flowmeter:

Normal range 20t/h 50t/h 100t/h 400t/h 900t/h 1500t/h 3000t/h
Precision 2.5-5
Display instrument temperature 0℃–+60℃
Sensor temperature -30℃–+60℃
Compression force free flow
Flow channel form Parshall trough (triangular weir trough, rectangular weir trough)
Protection level IP65
Power supply 220VAC 50HZ
Front straight section 1-3 meters
Connection method concrete
Display Dual windows, 8-digit LED cumulative flow and 4-digit LED instantaneous flow
Material type FRP, PVC, stainless steel.

Application and After-Sales Service:

Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter applications are all urban water supply diversion channels; thermal power plants diversion and drainage channels, sewage treatment inflow and discharge channels; industrial and mining enterprises water discharge and water conservancy projects and agricultural irrigation channels.


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