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Ultrasonic Level Gauge

The ultrasonic level gauge contains a number of patented technologies, which are safe, clean, high-precision, long-life, stable and reliable, and easy to install and maintain. It is suitable for acid, alkali, salt, corrosion, high temperature, and other fields. The ultrasonic level gauge can be connected to a display meter or various DCS systems through 4-20mA or RS485 (Modbus protocol or other customized protocols) to provide real-time liquid level data for industrial automation operations. The implementation standard of this instrument: GBT11828.4-2011, verification regulation: JJG971-2002.

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The ultrasonic level gauge has the following characteristics:

The circuit design selects high-quality power modules from the power supply part and selects highly stable and reliable components.
The patented sonic intelligent technology software can perform intelligent echo analysis without any debugging and other special steps. This technology has dynamic thinking and dynamic analysis functions.
The sound wave intelligent patented technology owned by our company greatly improves the accuracy of the instrument, and the liquid level accuracy reaches 0.5%, which can resist various interference waves.
The ultrasonic level gauge is a non-contact instrument, which does not directly contact the liquid, so the failure rate is low. The instrument provides multiple installation methods, and users can calibrate the instrument through this manual.
All input and output lines of the instrument have lightning protection and short circuit protection functions.

Technical Parameters:

Measuring range (0~30)m (selected according to actual measuring range)
Blind area 0.25m~0.8m
Ranging accuracy 0.5% (standard conditions)
Ranging resolution 1mm
Pressure normal pressure
Instrument display Built-in LCD display liquid level or space distance
Analog output (4~20)mA
Digital output RS485, Modbus protocol or customized protocol
Power supply voltage DC24V/AC220V, built-in lightning protection device
Ambient temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Protection level IP65

Application and After-Sales Service:

The ultrasonic level gauge is a common equipment for measuring liquid levels, and it has a wide range of uses. The ultrasonic level gauge has the characteristics of convenient installation and non-contact measurement and is not affected by the viscosity and transparency of the liquid.

1. Water treatment industry. Water treatment industry, including sewage treatment, tap water, pure water manufacturing, and other occasions.
2. Water conservancy and hydrology water conservancy and hydrology industry, flash flood warning, and water level rainfall monitoring.
3. Farmland irrigation water level and flow monitoring.
4. Chemical companies mainly need anti-corrosion and explosion-proof ultrasonic level gauges. Liquids in chemical companies are measured by ultrasonic waves, which are basically in storage tanks.


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