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What Are The Requirements For Steam Flow Meter Installation


The steam flowmeter must be installed properly so that the flowmeter can play its big role and ensure the accuracy of the measured value. Today, I will tell you the requirements of steam flow meters from 7 aspects. I hope it can help you.

what are the requirements for steam flow meter installation 1

1. Requirements for direct management section:
The upstream straight pipe length of the steam flow meter should have equal-diameter straight pipe sections> 10D. If the installation site permits it, it is recommended that the upstream straight pipe section be 20D and the downstream be 5D.

2.Requirement on piping
The inner diameter of the upstream and downstream piping at the installation point of the flowmeter is the same as the inner diameter of the flowmeter.

3. Bypass requirements
In order to ensure that the normal use of the medium is not affected when the flowmeter is overhauled, shut-off valves should be installed on the front and back pipes of the flowmeter, and bypass pipes should be installed. The flow control valve must be installed downstream of the flowmeter, and the shut-off valve installed upstream must be fully opened when the flowmeter is used to avoid unstable flow of the upstream fluid.

4. External environmental requirements
Install the steam flow meter indoors as much as possible. When installing it outdoors, you must adopt sun protection, rain protection and lightning protection measures to avoid affecting the service life.

5. Installation site
The steam flow meter should be installed in a place that is convenient for maintenance and free from strong electromagnetic interference.

6. Requirements for welding
(1) Welding with flowmeter is not allowed!
(2) Before installing the flowmeter, clean up the debris in the pipeline: debris, welding slag, stones, dust, etc., try to use equal diameter pipelines (or bypass pipes) instead of the flowmeter to purge the pipeline. To ensure that the flowmeter is not damaged during use.
(3) When installing the flowmeter, the gasket between the flanges cannot protrude into the pipeline to prevent interference with normal flow measurement.

7. Grounding requirements
The steam flow meter should be reliably grounded and cannot be shared with the ground wire of the strong power system.

what are the requirements for steam flow meter installation 2